How To Lower Your Credit Card Balances When They're Too High
Want to take the fast track out of debt while paying a fraction of what you owe? Use this 6-step guide to nail down the art of getting a lower payment and balance with credit card companies and collection agencies BEFORE heading to the negotiation table. We'll show you how to:
  • Get Organized: Armor yourself with the 4 things every credit card holder needs to have in front of them BEFORE attempting to negotiate debts
  • Create A Budget: One that's ACTUALLY DOABLE, and will help you maximize the amount of cash you bring to the negotiation table to lower your payments, rates and balances
  • Negotiate Using the "6 Golden Nugget Rule":  Lock in the rate, payment, budget, and balance that YOU choose before your creditor even knows what hit them using these 6 negotiation nuggets. This is the secret sauce :-)
  •   Set It In STONE: Make your new negotiated lower payment and balance permanent, so you always have leverage over your creditor
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