The Beginner's Guide To Debt Settlement
How to lower your debt with creditors by 35-70% in 24-48 months
Creditors are relentless when it comes to collecting on debts... use this guide to prepare yourself on how to speak with harassing creditors and collection agencies to negotiate your debt down by up to 70%! Get the free guide to learn:
  • The 4 Best Ways To Begin The Debt Settlement Process: Everyone's debt situation is different. We'll show you how to pick the best approach to debt settlement for your unique needs and wants, so you have the best shot at success
  • When to strike: The prime time to begin negotiations with your creditor to ensure a 25-35% reduction
  • Protect Yourself: 3 steps every card holder should take to protect themselves from being sued by the #1 top creditor in the nation if they are running behind on payments
  •   Set It In STONE: Make your new negotiated lower payment and balance permanent, so you always have leverage over your creditor
  •  Re-aging: and why it may be your best shot to settle your debt to creditors the fastest and easiest way possibl
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